Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Saving the world!

Hello all! I hope everyone has been having a great holiday season! We have been very busy here, but it has been a nice time over all. My back has been getting much better since I accidentally discovered that sleeping in my recliner with a heating pad is the cure all. Today I had a set back but I'm hoping I'll be ok tomorrow. I went to my MRI and even though I was very clear with everyone that I talked to when setting up the appointment that I am HUGE, they scheduled me for an open mri in a thing that is 18 inches wide. Really? Seriously?? I KNEW I wouldn't fit but I tried to shove myself in it anyway, what a joke! But, I did manage to come out of there hurting from trying to shove myself into it and somehow messing my back up again. When I left to go to the appoinment today I was thinking about how great my back feels now. When I left the appointment it was hurting, it got progressively worse over the next couple of hours, I came home and took a handful of meds. Hopefully I will be better again tomorrow. My daughter got me an awesome huge thingie for my chair that I sleep in that is a massager and has heat right in the area I need it for my back. It's perfect! The funny thing is that on Christmas day, I woke up with a burn on my back from my heating pad, just a small section, but I was definitely relieved to open up the thing my daughter got me that day!

A friend told me today that fat that is liposuctioned turns into stem cells. So, I figure I am harvesting fat for future stem cells for people in need. I am so proud of my efforts! http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2001/04/10/tech/main284900.shtml I don't know if the link works..but, there's a link to info about it. So, see....it can be useful! (to anyone that may not get it, I am playing around...I'm joking....) But, yeah, very interesting. I wonder if they'll accept me as a donor?? If only it were that easy!!! Just think, fat people could save the world that way!!

I woke up this week thinking about how much better I'm feeling and I've had a cold. I swear! I would laugh, but, I have to admit, I was downright ticked off when I woke up with a cold. That whole day I tried to stay away from people because I was just downright mad. Just when I'm all better I get a cold!! UGH! But, thankfully, with my generic benadryl I keep it at bay, I can tell when it wears off, like clockwork. I am thankful though that the meds keep it at bay, my back has been better, and a lot of other things.

I survived the visit with my sister. I love her, but it was very difficult. It hurts me to see how many unresolved issues she has. She and I had one big blow up fight but it was more of us not communicating than anything else. It was stressful but I wanted her to feel good so I tolerated a lot. It is nice to not have to worry about that this week. I've enjoyed having time with my kids while they are off school, it's the first time for that in MANY years, I've always had my home daycare open year round. This year I am helping a friend open up a center and will be working there (and have been working on stuff from home), I am SOOO excited about it. So, it's about to get very busy for me. I'm enjoying my time before I get back to putting in a lot of hours for her and before my class starts back up next week.

Sorry, I turned this one into a LONG babbling session. I knew I needed to catch up, at random times I have things to rant about but I'm nowhere near a keyboard. I hope everyone is having a great "last week of December".
Ms X


  1. I love the name of your blog. Wishing you health with your back and all.

    That is exciting ... the center. Much success to you!

  2. Hmmmm let me see...went to the surgeon on Monday and got 2 shots in my thumbs and one in my shoulder...oh yes, did I mention I shattered a tooth on Sunday?

    Is it January yet??? lol

    Really though, I could be doing a lot worse. Hope your last week is awesome and the new year brings much needed relief!!

    Love and hugs!