Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hi! I'm using green to try to feel festive. It's not working, but, I'll keep trying. LOL I'm well, I haven't posted in a few days but I'm still eating healthy. I saw some raw recipes that look really good. I've had some great raw recipes friends have made before, I don't intend to go raw, but would like to have a lot of raw foods. I don't plan to go vegetarian either, but, like a lot of the vegeterian stuff. I really want to implement a lot of healthy eating, I just know I like hot food too, and I like meat. I haven't had red meat in a while, mostly chicken and fish. But, I am not restricting myself from anything.

So far, anything I've made and shared with my husband has been a success. Apparently I'm not making enough, go figure! At least he's enjoying healthy foods. The thought of some of the high fat goopy recipes I made so often has been grossing me out. Hopefully my mind will keep being grossed out by it!! Not everything grosses me out, but, some things do. There is a restaurant we frequented a while back that had HUGE breakfasts. I would eat it all too. I'd have pancakes, eggs, bacon, corn beef hash, hash browns, and I think that's all. Ok, now that I typed it all out it looks good. But, lately, when I think about sitting down and eating a big plate of that food, it's been very unappealing to me.

I was going to ramble on about a bunch of things, this is my first day in over 18 years of having the house to myself for several hours. I guess "several" really only meant 3 or 4. sigh. I even got work done this morning in peace! It was amazing. Even my dogs knew they needed to be quiet, which, in itself, is miraculous! Of course, while working on the computer, making phone calls, etc, my computer decided it wanted to be super slow. THAT was frustrating. Especially when I have someone on the phone helping me with something I'm doing on the computer. Arghh. I kept feeling all motivated and would get up to put in laundry or work in the kitchen and my back would remind me that if I tried to bend, it would protest, a lot. At least today I can sit down with very little pain, yesterday, all day and night I couldn't even sit without a lot of pain. Shooting pain too.

Oh! I went to my xray on Monday, that was one heck of an experience! I realized that day that I have a need for a temporary handicapped thing for my car. I parked very far away, get into the hospital and find that everything had changed and had to walk what seemed like MILES to get where I needed to go. I get there and after a while they tell me I have another place I should be at. So, I walked almost as far as I had walked to get there, then got a ride from security to another building. I must say, it was GORGEOUS outside, like a spring day. So, I'm sitting at the other building and had checked in, or so I thought. She finally calls me up and says they need my orders, so, I handed the other copy over to them (I had given the other man my orders at the other location too). So, anyway, it ended up taking much longer, there were issues with chairs that I could actually sit in, the orders not being signed by an actual doctor, you name it, I encountered more really nice people than rude, thank God. But, in the end, I had my x-ray, actually got off the table on my own, and got a ride by security back to my car (like I even had a clue where I was by this point). Stepping up into my vehicle, an Expedition, hurts a lot! Once I get my right leg up, the pain is much more tolerable pulling the rest of me up. I must look like an idiot when I am getting in. ROFL. So, anyway, I came home from the x-ray and made an appointment for my doctor to look at it the next day. So, that's what I did yesterday. He says there is definitely something wrong with one of my disks so we now need an MRI, which we need to wait up to 5 days for the insurance to approve. So, he is looking at herniated disk with sciatic pain. All I know is it hurts, a lot. I've developed a new understanding and respect for anyone with chronic pain. I always thought people were exagerating, or even faking. Not everyone, but, I definitely didn't understand. Ok God, I get it, can I get better now please???

Yes, I'm still rambling, in spite of saying I wouldn't. My daughter "can" get out of school early because it's the last day before break and she performed in a school band concert. She wants me to come get her. Now, if I were smart at all, I would make her stay there. I really would. But, I know me, no matter how much I know I should enjoy my time, I will still go get her. This child will probably drive me to the brinks of insanity before the day is even through, and they won't go back to school until January. God help me. But, I won't rush through my shower, unless standing that long bothers my back too much. :( I will "take my time" (as if I'm not slow enough lately) and I will have to go into the office, which is fine, I need to go to her school's office anyway. I sure hope I'm allowed to park by the doors, because I am. Then if I am feeling up to it, I'll go get my handicapped thing. I guess I'll see.

I had the dates wrong on my sisters arrival, she won't be here until Saturday now. That helps.

Guess I'll go for now. Have a great day!!!

Ms X


  1. I'm so glad your hubby eats what you eat! It makes life so much easier and will help to keep you motivated. I'm fortunate in that way too. We eat predominantly plant-based, high raw most of the time and my hubby loves it.

    I hope your back gets better soon.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your back pains.

    However, I am really impressed that you have had the cook books out and are making things from scratch. It can't be easy when you are in agony.

    Why is it that hospitals always put car parks miles from where you need to be? Still a walk is a walk however you look at it.