Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Hello all! How is everyone? I have not had a chance to blog but I was SOOO excited today! I have been taking a lot of pain meds the past few days because my doctor told me to. I have also been doing a lot of walking in stores and such with my sister. (I had barely moved for the past few weeks). Last night I had walked A LOT and my back was hurting soooo much, I came home and took a lot of meds and was afraid to lay in my bed. I got in my recliner chair that sits in my bedroom and had the heating pad behind my back. I slept that way all night. This morning I woke up at 6, tired, and went "crap, I need to pee, I'd better make my way out to the living room so I can get up and do it in a couple of hours". I got up and...was fine!!! I got to go to the bathroom right away! I also got to take my dogs out myself, etc. I could even go back to bed, which I haven't been able to do either. When I got up from my chair a couple of hours later, I was fine still! SOOOO awesome! Now, it still hurts, but, it's AMAZING that I could function normally upon getting up! By the time we were walking around for a while it started hurting a lot and I was frustrated. I tried to keep taking meds today, but not all of them every time. When I got home late today after shopping again I was in a lot of pain. But, AWESOME progress has been made. I hope sleeping that way helps again for tomorrow. I've been walking a lot every day and moving around a lot while on my meds, I slept with heat on it all night, and..as the doctor ordered, I have been keeping up on my meds. Also, not laying on my bed and being somewhat "sitting up" probably helped. So, it's a combination of things. My prayers are being answered! Sorry, but I am VERY excited!

I am happy that I have been able to get some gifts and stuff. We still need to get our Christmas eve dinner food too. I only have a few more things to get the kids for Christmas, I'm not getting them much to begin with. I am trying to get them things they want. This year my 13 year old is the easiest, I keep seeing more and more things for her, but, don't get them because I've already got her enough. My 18 year old and 9 year old are actually the hard ones to find things for this year. I think they take turns! Both the 18 and 13 year old just had birthdays. They were very happy with their birthday gifts, now I had a hard time knowing what to get the 18 and 9 year old now. So, I'm glad I actually have things for them now, and I even got some stocking stuffers. So, we'll probably go out at some point every day until Friday. It's CRAZY out there too! Even with my new temporary handicapped sticker I have trouble finding a spot! I just realized my legs and feet have been screaming tonight, awesome, that means I'm getting exercise!! I'm so used to pain now I was just ignoring it. I have taken all my meds too....uh oh...wonder how they'll feel tomorrow...LOL

I know SOOO many people that are having and have had surgery this week and last week. I also know a lot of other people that have loved ones that have been in surgery. (Like my facebook people) There are several people that have loved ones that have passed, and another friend that just had surgery yesterday told me that a friend's parent died and another friend that was 8 months pregnant with a healthy baby just found out her baby has passed away. It is insane what has been going on! For those of you that pray, please say a prayer for all of these people. I am thankful for my family, I am so thankful that everyone is healthy and doing well. My "grandmother" passed away 2 years ago on Christmas day. It was an appropriate day for her to pass, she was a very dedicated Christian woman who lived her life serving God. It wasn't until after her death that I learned that she had earned a Masters degree way back in the 50s, how amazing is that for anyone, let alone a woman back then?? I think about the many people who are no longer with us, and how those closest to them are missing them a lot this time of year.

I didn't mean for this to turn into a sad post, I am very happy for my moblility today!!! I am very happy for my many blessings too! I plan to keep checking in, we are baking cookies and stuff, among other things tomorrow. We have been doing so many things, it doesn't seem like we have enough time to do all of the things we've planned to do while my sister is here.

Talk to you soon!
Ms X

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