Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm alive!

Hi! It's sad that I spend several minutes trying to decide which color and font I'll use. I probably shouldn't be allowed near a computer right now, considering my mind isn't functioning at its best. But, here I am! I've been down pretty hard for 5 days now with the flu. Now I see why people get vaccinated against this. Hubby had it two weeks ago and was down super mega hard for about 3 days. I also have a UTI and an infection in my finger. I've only heard of this finger infection thing one time before, when someone was hospitalized for it. I thought it was a spider bite, apparently it is common to think that. So, yeah, it basically has felt like my thumb is broken and it's swollen. It's better today than it was. I bumped it earlier and THAT hurt! It's really weird how things can happen to us and how much one little thing can affect us. So, while I have the flu and two infections I have to watch my blood sugar to make sure it doesn't get too high. Healing doesn't happen when it's high. So, all of this while still dealing with chronic pain too makes me down pretty hard. I'm ready to be better, and yes, I'll take my vitamins!
I was just looking at random pics and thought I'd post a few. I posted a pic of our new firepit, we've used it twice and I LOVE it. Hubby called my a pryo. So, maybe I liked big flames just a little. The bear, well, he was the last one in the store and was half price. He wanted me to take him home and I didn't. Wasn't he cute??
Anyway, it's a shame I've had all of this down time but got nothing accomplished, my mind isn't functioning properly..ask my husband! Just getting up to make sure my family isn't starving or pushing flu preventative pills on them wears me out. On a good note, since I haven't made it to the store, we are going through our freezers and using up things we've needed to use up. Sad, but true. I've looked at several people's blogs and have found some I really like. They do some awesome things and save money, make great food, etc. I've been thinking about planting a garden. I'm just not sure where to start. Our soil isn't the greatest. I'd love the satisfaction that comes from growing my own produce. I grew up helping in our gardens when I was living with my dad, so I know how much work goes into it and what I would need to do. I need to start deciding quickly what I want to do and how I want to do it.
Meanwhile, I've enjoyed work lately. I love the children and my co-workers. I miss them since I've been sick. Thinking about actually doing weight watchers, but not where I pay and go, just where I'm doing the plan along with my co-workers. They have been completely denying themselves anything yummy. I've learned the hard way that complete deprivation doesn't work for me. My middle child has kept me very busy. Between her cheerleading, band and now basketball too...she keeps me busy running around and spending money on her! The oldest and youngest each have their own problems too. The youngest is having a hard time in school right now I am just learning. I need to get healthy and get myself back to work so I have much needed money for bills. I need to stay healthy for my family!
I know my blog is rather boring, which is weird because I'm usually a goofball. Anyway, I hope everyone is staying healthy.
Ms X