Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This is probably the first year I actually kind of got into it and liked it in many years. I was pleasantly surprised that the children, of all ages, were mostly polite. I enjoyed seeing the children in their costumes. I got to see two of my old daycare children and really enjoyed that! They are still as adorable as ever!!

I was in a super hyper mood tonight, worse than the children that are all sugared up!! Ok, well, I hope everyone had a great Halloween..tomorrow starts NOVEMBER. That means I get Veteran's day off, and also Thanksgiving and the day after! Yay! While I'm at it, I'll be winning the lottery in November. ;)
Ms X

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tomorrow is Friday!

Here I go, writing while medicated again. Good grief! Took me 4 tries to type the title correctly. LOL. My last post was rather lengthy, I apologize if I ramble and repeat myself. I had a LONG day at work, only been home an hour, it's 10pm. I don't know why this thing never reflects the actual time I post, but, it doesn't matter. Probably a time zone thing or something. The meeting this morning went well. Got back from that and took daughter back to doctor to make sure her arm isn't broken. No, I didn't beat the older one up. The younger one hurt herself in cheerleading and sprained it, I was just concerned that it was mis-diagnosed after everyone told me their own horror stories. My own doctor said it's fine, I trust him.'s telling me there are a lot of typos, I'm usually an anal freak about spelling and grammar but will try not to care tonight!! Anyway, was hoping to go home early today. But, we had a meeting after work that none of us knew about! Yay us! So, I go back after my daughter's appointment and immediately got sent into a classroom. It was infants, and they are VERY cute! As much as I adore them, I would rather have gone home. But, anyway, after I was done working in the infant room, it was almost time for the meeting. I have great co-workers. Thank God for that, but, would still rather have been home. My family foraged and ate leftovers because I didn't plan for the meeting and got home so late. Poor family! I got a hug from my son, who is now asleep. Yelled at the oldest on the phone on the way home. sigh. My other daughter is asleep too. I love my family, I love being with my family. I hate not getting to see them. I don't understand how so many people don't enjoy being with their children. When my husband had my daughter at my job today after her appointment, I was upset because she's not allowed in the infant room. She loves all of the kids and loves babies, but, it's a rule that the "younger" kids can't be in there. She's 14, she's 6' tall, she's been raised around other people's children. Really?? She is CPR and first aid certified. So, she has to hang out in my office if I'm in that room.
So, I don't know if I'm going to be a hippie, or just wear my pajamas to work. If I wear my pajamas, and can find my missing "rocker boot" I'll also bring a teddy bear and my monkey snuggie. Otherwise I can wear my tie dye shirt and try to find other hippie stuff. Should have thought of this sooner. Sigh. I had ideas. I work in a daycare. An evil bunny was one of them, a co-worker was willing to join me. I could be Santa Clause, but, should have thought of that before I finally had my face waxed. Nothing like confusing the kids. I do have a long red sweatshirt thing and red pajama pants that match each other...hmmm...and somewhere I have one of those hats...
A co-worker and I are going to write a Squirrel book together. I came up with all of the ideas, it's hysterical. It's a book kids would like but adults would get what's actually funny about it, kind of like a Disney movie. The weird thing is, after this book idea I have come (randomly) across tons of squirrel pictures on places like facebook. Then, a squirrel actually started coming into our yard and eating out of our hands. How weird is that??? The person working on it with me is a great artist. I'm not. Can't wait to have time for our book!
I miss my mom. A lot. It's so weird. There's just this big hole there forever now. I've lost a lot of other people that I cared about, I've shed tears for them many times and have had dreams about them. One of them is my aunt, my cousin posted an old picture of her tonight and I thought about how much I always loved her. My "grandma" died on Christmas day 2 (or 3) years ago, her passing has been the source of many tears. My "grandpa" died 9 years ago. There have been others. But, the point is, no matter how much I've thought about them, cried, had dreams, etc, nothing has compared to my mom. I don't even know how other people can deal with the losses they go through. I don't want to ever have to know. I know several people who have suffered multiple losses. I know people who've lost spouses, children, both parents, siblings, etc. My heart breaks every time someone loses someone, especially now. Someone I don't particularly like lost her brother recently. I had met him before, it broke my heart when she lost him. I know so many strong people who have been through so much more than me. They all keep me going. I know some amazing people who I adore, many of them are much older than me. Of course, we all know, just because they're older, doesn't mean I will outlive them. Though I'd prefer they live to be 130 and I live to be 100+. I always think about those people who get really old and outlive all of their descendants.
I'm SO babbling. I got a B+ in my class. Gotta send MORE stuff to them for financial aid. OMG that drives me INSANE! It had the wrong date on it when I faxed it, really??? So, yeah. I should have it straightened out and will start my next class within the next couple of weeks.
Ok, so, thanks to all of you who read my blog, I really love getting feedback and appreciate it! are awesome! You ALWAYS make me laugh and I love you dearly!!! There have been several times I've laughed so hard I've cried while talking to you online, my family thought I was insane. How I wish we lived closer so we could get together in person!!!!
Ms X

Friday, October 22, 2010


Hello! How is everyone?? I keep thinking about blogging but I'm never actually near the computer when I think about it. Doesn't it always work that way? I think of plenty of things to write about while in the shower or driving.

I just finished a class this week, yahoo, yay me! I haven't got my grade back yet, I probably got a B though. I should have got an A but had a lot going on. When DON'T I have a lot going on? I enjoyed the class, wish it could have gone on longer. I often feel that way at the end of a class, that I wish it had gone on longer.

I've been at work a lot more hours than I would like, it's been around 40 a week. That's normal for most people. I had originally agreed to work for her if I worked mostly from home. I also said I did not want to work in the classroom. Now I work only from work, am often in the classroom, and I'm pretty much on a schedule. I have so many things that aren't getting done. By the time I get home I am in a lot of pain, a lot. I am supposed to see a gyn for a serious problem I've been having, I haven't been able to make the appointment yet and now it looks like I'm about to run into a problem because I wasn't able to go.

This week I have a lot going on at work that I have to be there for, something I MUST fax out and the fax was down today, a class I absolutely MUST be in for work, and my son's teacher wants a conference. I have stuff I need to fax for my financial aid, or I'll lose it and won't be able to continue with my classes, our ink is out here and it's been a mess trying to get that done. I think I have all of my paperwork together, then I am missing something, then I have to find a way to get it printed, etc. Then, at work they lost my copy of my college diploma and CDA. So, I'll be digging for those things, as well as my High school diploma that I think is in the attic. To think I used to be meticulously organized. sigh.

I'm still struggling and finding ways to pay all my bills, it's nuts. Hubby is retired military, works two jobs, I work full time, we both go to school, and we live paycheck to paycheck, struggling to make our bills. Yes, we have been fools in the past and now have the debt to prove it!! There are definitely some things I would do differently if given the chance! In the past two months I have had two of my payroll checks from my boss bounce. That has caused some humiliation and problems. She has reimbursed me though. I have to get all of the documentation to prove to her what all of the charges were. I need to get printer ink, huh?

I really do have a "to do" list ten miles long. My list of things to pay and things I need to be able to pay for is even longer. My list of doctor's appointments I need to make is pretty darn long too. When I had home daycare, when the children napped in the afternoons I was able to make phone calls, pay bills, clean, etc. I did laundry while they were here, I started dinner while they were here. They would do something at the table while I made dinner. I was also here when my children came home. I knew there were a lot of advantages to working from home, I really miss that ability now. I loved the kids I had, and love the kids at the daycare I'm at now. I won't go back to home daycare for a lot of reasons. I do wish I were in a better situation at work now though. My boss and former best friend was in a mood with me again today where she seemed like she hated me. She was fine with everyone else. It was such a contrast it was pretty blatant to me. I LOVE my co-workers a lot. I love my job when I can actually do it. She makes a lot of things complicated for a lot of people. I'm worried she's going to get taken to jail because of the many checks she's bounced. There just always seems to be so much going on there, and here too.

My mother in law is back from rehab. My girls liked saying she was in rehab. LOL. My oldest had a surprise birthday party Tuesday, well, her friend had it for her and I helped her friend a lot. It was on a boat that the friend paid an astronomical amount of money for. It was a beautiful night and we all had fun. But, she didn't do the best job in the way she invited people and only 13 people were there. My daughter is currently at another party that she planned for herself right now. She brought her cousin home with her, my daughter got dressed all up in a new outfit she just bought, and ran out the door holding the extra cake I bought for the other party. Well, I hope they take pictures.

There's NEVER a dull moment in my house, EVER. I'd love to have one once in a while! The other day I was getting ready for work and my oldest daughter broke it to me that she has a girlfriend. No matter how much you support your gay and lesbian friends, when it's your child, all you can think about is how much they'll have to deal with from it. Of course, it wasn't a surprise. In fact, she came to me and said "I have something to tell you but I think you already know". I said "What, you have a girlfriend?" So, I am still getting ready for work, processing the confirmation of what I suspected, and my other daughter texts me saying her school is on fire. Well, it ended up being ok and after a couple of hours the kids all went back in the building. I guess there was an alarm pulled and a bomb threat. Nice. So, this was all before work. There's always drama unfolding at work. Like the day someone got fired, that wasn't pretty. So, anyway, I ended up going to work, but wishing I could crawl into a corner and eat my hair.

Today my husband called me at work and yelled at me. Then I don't know why my boss was having issues with me, she was hardly there today. She gets like that with me. Then, I was leaving work and was on the phone with hubby and he yelled at me again on the phone, and hung up on me. Before he eventually got home he texted me and apologized for it, but, it really sucks when you have days like that. Two of the ladies that are both around 70 fell at work today. But, on the bright side, there are so many adorable babies and children that smile and melt my heart. I admit, I have my favorites. Though they are all adorable. I like the infant room the best, there are a few in there that light up and love on me when I hold them. Nothing beats that! I guess I can say the same thing about the ones in the toddler room, there are some in there that give the best hugs!

My weight was down a few more pounds when I weighed myself last week. I haven't weighed myself this week yet. I have a new mole on my face...EUWW...Why Why Why me??? Also, if my daughter doesn't wax my eyebrows and mustache this weekend like I've been begging her to do, I'll be mistaken for chewbacca when we have our pictures professionally done at work this week. That could be is almost halloween...hmmm...the potential. Actually, I asked a fellow co-worker if she wanted to be evil bunnies with me for Halloween. If my costume frightens the children, I'll get sent home! K...I guess I'll close for now.
Ms X