Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When to say "no" to getting your blood drawn

A friend was telling me about these horrible shots she gets in her thumbs last night, it sounds like pure torture. The experience makes the grown men with her pass out, and/or throw up. It had me thinking about a recent experience I had getting my blood drawn, which made me think about an experience I had many years ago getting my blood drawn. (Though neither experience remotely compares to her shots).

Many years ago I went to the hospital with my mother-in-law. When we got to go back with the nurse, my mother-in-law rudely informed the nurse that she was saying my name wrong. I immediately defended the nurse and apologized for my mother-in-law's rude behavior. (I also took the opportunity to remind the woman that this was NOT my actual mother) My mother-in-law continued to be rude and I continued to apologize for her, ask her to stop, and tried to smooth things over with the nurse. Later, when the nurse had to take my blood, I said "Can't you just take hers please?" (referring to my mother-in-law) and the nurse said "I'd LOVE to". So, never be rude to someone who may be poking you with a needle later.

A few weeks ago I had to have blood work done. I don't know where my brain was that day, because all of the signs were there that I should NOT allow the woman to take blood from me. Our interaction pretty much went like this...
"I only get one chance, I only get one chance" said the lady as she poked around painfully on my arm with her fingernails.
"They never have problems taking my blood, they say I have juicy veins" I innocently stated.
"one chance is all I get, one chance, then I have to give you to someone else" states the now psychotic lady.
So..this went on for a while. She was actually hurting me with her poking and prodding on my arm. She repeated her mantra over and over. How could I have been too stupid to say "GET SOMEONE ELSE"?? So, when she did finally take out her butcher knife and bludgeon it into my arm repeatedly (ok, I'm exaggerating at this point), it hurt! I was actually breathless at this point. She wandered off to find someone else. The new lady came over, recognized me from previous visits, and said "Oh, you're easy to get blood from". I looked at her pleadingly and tried to tell her via eye contact that the other lady was the devil. The other lady lurked over us and refused to leave. The new lady took blood from my remaining arm and I didn't feel a thing!

So, if you are ever having blood drawn, if the person shows signs of not knowing how to do it....get someone else!!! If you are with someone who is incredibly your best to side with the future blood taker!

That's my lesson for the morning.
Ms X

Monday, December 27, 2010

I've been bad.

It's true. I've been very naughty. Let me explain. First of all, I broke my phone. I really did! I'd been admiring the droids, really wanting to have one of my own. I admit, the kindle application was one of the features that most appealed to me. Though there were many things that appealed to me about it. So, I broke down and got one this weekend, because I needed a working phone, why not get the one I want? Consider it my Christmas gift to myself. I desperately tried to get the "2nd one free" for hubby. I tried and tried, they just couldn't do it. He's not eligible for an upgrade for several months. He now has serious "phone envy" and has been sulking. A lot. I'm not allowed to talk about my phone or be excited about it, due to his phone envy. So, anyway. You know my unnatural relationship with my I-pod touch? I think I'm over it now. Yes, really! I now have a disturbing relationship with my droid. I like to look at it. I like to touch it. I have it with me everywhere I go. In my truck I have a special "pedestal" for it that it charges in and I can talk on it via speaker while it sits there. I can even play music on it while it sits in its little pedestal. I think I've developed tourettes syndrome. I randomly make strange noises when I think about it or look at it. I blurt out things when I get excited. I'm pretty sure what has developed here is even more unhealthy than my previous relationship with my I-pod. Even though my son has been on my I-pod almost constantly, either reading or playing games. I know it's mad at me for leaving it behind and betraying it. I feel guilty. Then I look at my droid and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As I type, my droid is sitting comfortably on my chest, warm and cozy. I have considered taking up knitting so I can make it little clothes. I think I'll attach special pockets to everything I wear. Yes, I am aware that I am not right in the head. I'm reminded of this daily by those who love me most. I'm ok with that. I get excited every time I get on my droid and learn new things about how to use it. I like taking it for rides in the car. I'm keeping the existence of my beloved droid a secret from most people, even members of my house. This is making my relationship even more awkward and difficult. I think it will survive, I really love it.
Ms X