Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When to say "no" to getting your blood drawn

A friend was telling me about these horrible shots she gets in her thumbs last night, it sounds like pure torture. The experience makes the grown men with her pass out, and/or throw up. It had me thinking about a recent experience I had getting my blood drawn, which made me think about an experience I had many years ago getting my blood drawn. (Though neither experience remotely compares to her shots).

Many years ago I went to the hospital with my mother-in-law. When we got to go back with the nurse, my mother-in-law rudely informed the nurse that she was saying my name wrong. I immediately defended the nurse and apologized for my mother-in-law's rude behavior. (I also took the opportunity to remind the woman that this was NOT my actual mother) My mother-in-law continued to be rude and I continued to apologize for her, ask her to stop, and tried to smooth things over with the nurse. Later, when the nurse had to take my blood, I said "Can't you just take hers please?" (referring to my mother-in-law) and the nurse said "I'd LOVE to". So, never be rude to someone who may be poking you with a needle later.

A few weeks ago I had to have blood work done. I don't know where my brain was that day, because all of the signs were there that I should NOT allow the woman to take blood from me. Our interaction pretty much went like this...
"I only get one chance, I only get one chance" said the lady as she poked around painfully on my arm with her fingernails.
"They never have problems taking my blood, they say I have juicy veins" I innocently stated.
"one chance is all I get, one chance, then I have to give you to someone else" states the now psychotic lady.
So..this went on for a while. She was actually hurting me with her poking and prodding on my arm. She repeated her mantra over and over. How could I have been too stupid to say "GET SOMEONE ELSE"?? So, when she did finally take out her butcher knife and bludgeon it into my arm repeatedly (ok, I'm exaggerating at this point), it hurt! I was actually breathless at this point. She wandered off to find someone else. The new lady came over, recognized me from previous visits, and said "Oh, you're easy to get blood from". I looked at her pleadingly and tried to tell her via eye contact that the other lady was the devil. The other lady lurked over us and refused to leave. The new lady took blood from my remaining arm and I didn't feel a thing!

So, if you are ever having blood drawn, if the person shows signs of not knowing how to do it....get someone else!!! If you are with someone who is incredibly your best to side with the future blood taker!

That's my lesson for the morning.
Ms X


  1. Ok I shouldn't be, but I'm laughing!! I totally understand...never piss off people that can do things to you.

    I used to be a waitress....tip for ya, don't piss them off either!

  2. ROFL Debby, I used to be a waitress too. I'm an AWESOME customer and tipper. My mother-in-law is a prime example of what NOT to do in just about every situation. LOL. She treats everyone like they owe her something and gets pretty hostile (when it comes to people she's talking to on the phone, meeting in public, etc). Did I mention she lives with us now??? God help me!!! I'm all for manners and being polite!

  3. I like efficient flabotonists.

    Glad to see you are still out there on the weight loss journey!