Friday, November 26, 2010

Purple Saturday

Ok, sorry, I like purple and it is now officially Saturday. Just something other than "black Friday" to look at. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I need to figure out what to cook tomorrow that has NOTHING to do with anything we ate for Thanksgiving! I was thinking of things to do with the turkey pot pie...maybe I can get away with that.

I got tested for RA today, I'll know sometime next week if I have it. May have Osteo too. Who knows. I'll have it all figured out sooner or later. The first lady that went to take my blood today has clearly only drawn blood on hard plastic mannequins before. There really were several things that should have given me a clue that she was not yet competent in the blood drawing part of her job. She kept repeating "I only get one chance" to herself, and to me. I've NEVER heard one of them say that before. I really should have asked why she was saying that. Then she was running her fingers along my vein and pushing hard, she did that for about 2 minutes and it hurt too (all the while saying "I only get one chance, I only get one chance". Then, when she finally did stick me, I had to force myself to not fly out of the chair...OMG it hurt! Then she said "Well, it's not working, I have to find someone else" and got me a lady I've had many times. I tried to communicate with the lady I've had before via eye contact. The other lady lurked around and "observed" her doing it. I think the lady I've had before got what I was trying to say. (which was...Oh my GOD this lady is an idiot!) But, she stuck me in my other arm and got two vials out of me without hurting me at all. The doctor I saw today thinks I have RA and Osteo arthritis too, I was telling him about what's been going on with me. I was telling him how my back is, how my knees and feet and wrists are, etc. He thinks my ankle is a bad sprain. I asked him if I could still go walking through the forest this weekend, then we both laughed when I realized how absurd that sounded. I don't know if I'll be able to do it this weekend or not, I went to the store to get a birthday gift for my Godson's birthday party tomorrow and my foot/ankle were throbbing when I was done. So, I'll see how I feel after his "safari in the park" party tomorrow.

I sure do love having a LONG weekend. Can we get weekends like this every week? I'd like to put in a request! I do think I have another person living in my house now, I'm pretty sure of it. So, that brings us up to 7 people here. We're catching up to the animals! LOL

Well, I have been babbling and rambling but as usual, not saying a whole lot. Did I mention I'm usually well medicated when I blog? Earlier I was playing board games with my daughter's and a friend and they told me I acted like I was high. Well, now, that's lovely! I make myself sound like a drug addict, I'm really not. I don't take them as often as prescribed and would love another alternative. I used to be someone who wouldn't take ANYTHING. I would love to be drug and pain free. I would also love to be debt free! Oh how I would love that!!! My debts suck. A lot. I am SOOO sick of the struggle.

Okay, enough whining for now.
Ms X

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just checking in

I hope this post finds everyone well. I keep meaning to blog but my mind races and jumps around and I think about it when I'm not near a computer. I really don't have much to say, I have a lot to say, but, it would take up too much time. I am thinking about getting rid of this blog. But, now isn't the time for me to decide. Just wanted to stop in and say a quick hello!
Ms X