Friday, October 7, 2011

Hi all..kermit the frog here...

Sorry...I lied. I'm not really kermit. I was just thinking about him though and could hear his little voice saying that phrase. Please don't go away! You know...actually...I think the Geico lizard is WAY sexier than Kermit. I wonder what Miss Piggy would think of him?? Maybe it's the accent? The way he moves his little head when he talks?? Oh. I digress.

Ok, so, I have a job again! I am a lead teacher for 2 year olds. Yay me! Is this a job I would REFUSE to take a few months ago? Yep. Have I been humbled to the point of being grateful for this job and busting my butt on this job? Absolutely!!

Finances still suck. But, I'm doing everything I can. I am still hoping a money fairy will show up, preferably dressed like "The Rock" in the "Tooth Fairy". Yum. Can you just imagine the Rock showing up in your house to give you money? OMG. I am drooling. I am drooling a lot. That man is an example of what God would do if he were into showing off...which he is not..but..if he DID show off? He'd be like "yeah, that's right, I made him and he is FINE!" I'm just sayin...I I refuse to watch him in wrestling because I'd lose all respect for him and may not find him to be as attractive as I do. What fun would that be?? He's a beautiful man and I'd like to keep thinking of him that way. Please don't ruin it for me. What was I saying? Um. Oh yeah! Finances SUCK. Now I can't stop thinking about the Rock. Yeah, Yeah, I know...Duane Johnson. I know his actual name. But, he just has me call him D or big daddy anyway. Oops...sorry...back to reality...

I need to devote A LOT of time to math and childcare related courses this weekend. Sadly, since I started there that has been the case. I could rant and vent and go on about a bunch of things, but, eh. nah.

I need to give myself my shot. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes I barely feel it. I have a sick fascination with it but have been sticking to my prescribed shots and haven't become a heroine addict. yet.

I have a BUSY weekend ahead of me. I'm sitting here with my butt muscles throbbing as if I worked out with my former (PSYCHOTIC) ex trainer...I KNOW I haven't but my muscles...all of them..feel differently about the matter. Oh..did I mention my period is like 2 months late now? That's not even funny. I hate having it, but, hope it's not MIA due to me having a litter or something.

On that note...Oh..did I even mention I've lost 4 lbs in the past 4 days...I lost a pound when I weighed myself before that..and I forget what else. well then.

I'll try to blog more. Even if it's for my own amusement. But..I know a few of you are out there reading. Right? You're out there, right??

K...gonna give myself a shot now...Yippee!!! I'm excited! Not as excited as I would be if the Rock popped in to give me money...OMG OMG OMG. Maybe I'll have DREAMS about it! THEN..THEN..God will give me the winning lottery numbers...I'll REMEMBER THem...then I'll BUY the tickets and WIN!!!!!! YES YES YES! I will remember all of my faithful "followers". Did that sound cultish?? I won't make you drink koolaid or anything. Unless you want some...they have a mango flavor..and a pineapple one...I like koolaid. But...I won't MAKE you.

Until next time...Peace out! (I visualized myself dressed like a hippy holding up the peace sign...just sayin...) OMG....Maybe an uber talented reader can DRAW me doing that (fat and all) for my site!!!! I even have one in mind!!! :) It can be my picture of me!!!!!

I really am going to post this now and quit rambling and go to bed so I can get up and do lots of stuff I gotta do tomorrow.