Monday, December 21, 2009

Still here

Hi everyone! I have been here in my thoughts, there have been several times I could have went on a rant, never while sitting at my keyboard though!! It's probably a good thing I wasn't. I may even be almost in the Christmas spirit, maybe tomorrow I'll even get gifts for my kids! Actually, on the gifts, that's been an issue of money and mobility, hopefully I'll have both of those things tomorrow!

Saturday I went to the doctor because I thought the kidney infection was back and even though it was a busy day, I did NOT want to go through that again, especially on top of the back thing. I was nervous because I had never seen this doctor before. I LOVED him! I knew that he was either really trying to help me, or, he was trying to kill me. If he was trying to kill me, he was being SOO nice and helpful while doing it! I have not had the best experiences with doctors, I could tell some horror stories. So, he had one of his assistants give me a shot in my butt to enable me to be "normal" for a day. When I got the shot I thought he said it would take 24 hours to kick in, later he made a reference to me feeling better that night, for 24 hours. The injection site and the flesh it made contact with was still sizzling so I was slightly perturbed to learn it would be short lived. When my legs were feeling numbish and I was feeling off, after being told I would be fine to drive, I was once again, worried. But, that night I was able to function almost normally (as normally as someone of my size can). He also gave me a list of exercises, not all of them can I do. He also put me on a different pain medication.

So, after the doctor's visit I came home and my husband and younger two children and I went to the airport to get my sister. As always, we waited forever on my husband. We're never sure why, but no matter what, if we are going somewhere with him, we will wait on him. So, when I went to get out and hug my sister (who was waiting with her suitcase on the curb) I was able to get out without too much of an issue. We came home and she wanted to walk so I grabbed my 13 year old and the 3 of us went on a quest to find a parking spot along the beach. We were going through mostly residential area and came across a lone parking place, just one. It was placed alongside a pier between houses. My daughter and I realized at the same time that I was now the proud owner of a temporary handicapped parking pass. Guess what kind of parking spot it was?? We were way more excited than we should be. It's the little things! We had a nice walk along the beach, my daughter found the best shells we've ever found, they were the clam shell type but were still connected. There were SOO many of them, we've never found such a jackpot! The sun was setting, the sky was gorgeous. There were waves. The beach was pretty vacant, just as I like it. The weather was a bit nippy, for us, but, I had short sleeves on and was only slightly cold. I was THRILLED to be WALKING! I was re-thinking the whole shot thing and wondering if I could handle getting that shot every day if I needed to. (I have since read about the So, we had a good night.

Yesterday I was still within my "24" hours and with much pain walked erect all the way to the living room where I sit upright in the morning, it was better than I usually do. It's usually a big deal getting out here in the morning. I medicated myself and within 2 hours was able to finally go to the bathroom! I long for the days when I can get out of bed and go pee like a normal person!! So, we eventually made it out of the house and went to a gorgeous park where the kids played. Ok, I could have used a jacket!! We went shopping for a few groceries and came home. My sister and 13 year old cooked yesterday every time. It was good! She is teaching her some great stuff! I'm glad my kids are getting to know her, it's great!!

I can see the sun rising through the window, I would love to watch this from the beach. Of course, I still haven't made it to the bathroom, that's my first goal for the day!! I got up at 5:45 so I could make it out here without too much drama, and actually pee before my bladder explodes or something. I am NOT an early riser, hate it. You KNOW it's a big deal if I get up this early by choice!!

Sorry, I'm rambling and it's not even remotely exciting, I seem to have a boring streak in my writing lately. I'm really funny when I'm thinking of things to write, then by the time I am at the keyboard I'm not funny anymore! I was doing homework while on my pain meds last night and my sister suggested I not do homework while in that state...she figured that out quick! LOL I've already found that if I am medicated there are certain tasks it's best not to do. I was trying to only use strong meds at night and such, but, if I can find the right combo that I can function with, that would be best. I like being able to move. The new med the doc gave me has all kinds of uses and some positive side effects. Apparently it's an opiate. There are worse things than being mobile and having a feeling of euphoria...I'm just sayin....

I'll try to blog when I can, I love the peacefulness of the house right now!!
Ms X


  1. I'm pleased to see that you have temporary pain relief. The walks sound magical. I wish I lived near a beach, you are so lucky to have that facility nearby.

    If you can't ramble in your own blog there'd be no justice in the world! Don't put your writing down- i like it. It's why i'm here reading! Everyone's experience is somewhat similar and somewhat different to my own.

  2. You walked!!!!!!!!! Wooohoooooo!!!!

    You don't need to be funny, you just need to be you!

    Keep blogging!

  3. I am glad your visit with your sister is going well and you were able to get some relief for your pain. Don't worry about your blog content too much. It will evolve as you evolve. Mine is an accountability tool for me. It is working and that is the what is important. I think you are doing great with your blogging. Keep up the good work!