Thursday, August 18, 2011

A day in the life

I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday. I had a whole "blog worth" of stuff to blog about. Well, now today there is a whole other "thing" to blog about.

Yesterday morning my mother in law came over to talk to us. She was a mess. She was bawling and extremely upset. She was desperate. She was very sorry for the way she has been. She moved back in last night. I made the decision. Hubby basically told her no (that she couldn't come back), then went to bed (which he did need to do, he works 3rd shift). So, that meant it was left up to me. I'm not an evil cold hearted person. I let her come back. No, I didn't want to. But, I just could not do that.

Yesterday, maybe the day before, my sister..the one who had "cut me off" a few years ago for things I didn't even do, cut me off again. I was/am very hurt by the things she is now accusing me off, and the whole thing is really stupid. Basically she thought I was ignoring her when she tried to talk to me online, and it escalated into me discriminating against her because I "said I wouldn't want to be on tv next to her because she is so skinny and pretty and I'm not". Yes, I'm serious. What was the actual conversation we had in June? She said that the two of us ought to do a cooking show, I said "maybe so but right now you'd have to be the one on tv, they wouldn't want me". I could go on and on, but, eh. Then, I sent a very nice apologetic email to her explaining things and she sent an email back saying she didn't read it. Again, I am leaving a lot out. Too much to tell.

Tonight we got a call from the daycare. I've mentioned the place many times. They are being evicted tomorrow. The place has a lot of children, and a lot of employees. There is so much going on with all of that. The whole situation is so sad. There are a lot of employees that will have a serious hardship over this. My own family is barely hanging on as it is. This is going to hit us hard too. But, some of these people that work there, it is their whole livelihood. We have several wonderful women who are in their 70s and 60s. We have newly married people, 2 pregnant employees. It's insane. Not to mention, my former best friend and former boss, the one who has caused me so much grief. She and her family may literally be losing everything. She is like another dysfunctional sister to me. They are like our family. So, anyway, after the call I called my daughter, who is also having a very hard time right now. I brought my two daughters and my oldest daughter's girlfriend with me to the daycare and we helped move things out until 3 am. The director was there at one point and she said that if she were me she wouldn't have even come out there. That surprised me coming from her. What she meant was that after the way I've been treated, she wouldn't have done it if she were me. Why do I do it? I don't know. I want to be there for people. I treat others like I would want to be treated.

We've been VERY tight on money. It's been bad. My husband has a check from her that may very likely bounce. I spent all day waiting on a phone call so I can go get help on my electric bill. I hope they'll call me tomorrow. I've never done this before, you have to call the one place at 8 am. If you can get a referral to the other place, they have 2 days to call you back to come in. If you miss the call, you can't ask for help for 6 more months. I am praying they can help, and that I don't miss the call. We've not had milk and barely any groceries. This really sucks. I just said earlier today that I am well aware things could be a lot worse. Then this happens with the daycare. But, it could still be MUCH worse, I would really prefer it get BETTER at this point. I wanted to play the lottery tonight, but couldn't even scrape up enough change. lol The people I would help if I won!

Anyway, I had wanted to rant about the mother in law, didn't have time. I don't have any time to rant at all. I may be having someone come over to try to rescue me from my math. I just need to pass this class. Really. I do. I HATE having to take this class more than I can even begin to say. It will be another huge bump in the road and financial hit if I fail it. Hubby is also in a class right now...I hope he's doing ok.

I'm done now. hopefully I can wind down and go to sleep soon.

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