Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day #9

Hi! I am on day number 9 of my juice fast. This has been quite the ride! I swear, the past week has been worse than usual in multiple ways. Not just because I am irritable, etc. It really just has. On Tuesday it was day 8. I weighed in at the doctor's office (as well as my home scale) and it was official. I had been there exactly one week prior and weighed in at the doctor's office. I made the nurse, the same nurse I always have, look at the scale this week. She gasped. I was down 27 pounds. In. one. week. I don't even know what to think of that. I am thrilled and can feel all kinds of changes. I can see them too. After the doctor's visit I went into "work" (it's a joke to even call it that now) and everyone there was surprised also. A few people I am closer to said they can definitely see a difference. I was dressed completely different than I normally do and had my hair down and makeup on, so, that alone threw them off. My normal clothes are already swallowing me.

Today was ROUGH. Very rough. OMG was it rough. Our washer broke, only one of many things to have broken recently. So, today I made the trek to my neighborhood laundry mat with my 14 year old along to help. We had TONS of laundry. I must admit, since I was going there and they have the big front loaders, I brought along comforters I probably wouldn't have washed just yet otherwise. It took 4 hours. Much of that was spent standing. But, we came home with 12 loads of laundry clean! lol. The laundry had been piling up because the washer was not working properly and it was a pain. It would take half the day for one load. Then it was just done. It broke for good. I had a wet load to prove it. So, the guy came out to fix it (home warranty plans are the best thing ever!) and now we are waiting on a bunch of parts. So, last night I had the kids gather up their laundry, I gathered up mine. We put it all together and I divided it by loads so I wouldn't have to do it today. So, I was smart enough to drink juice before we left today. But, while we were there I was miserable because it was hot and I kept thinking about the gyro place two doors down from the laundry mat. So, I got home and long story short, it wasn't a good day once I got home either. I finally was able to get a nap, a long one. I only got up because I hadn't seen my son since I brought him to his "camp' at the school this morning. I've been running around getting things on my to do list done all night. I am doing better tonight. I am hungry right now, but, I'm also pretty much out of things to juice. I am going to the store tomorrow. I was seriously thinking about making a healthy all fruit smoothie before I head out tomorrow. Of course, since I've had only juice I prepare myself, I am not sure if it will make me sick or not. I do not know yet how many days I'll do the reboot. (That's what this juice fast is). I would really like to do it for the full 60 days, yet there's the part of me that wants the smoothie and wants brussel sprouts. Yes, that is what I am craving. Not to say I don't salivate like all of Pavlov's dogs at a pig roast every time I have to prepare the family food. I do. Things I don't usually care for smell good to me now. Hubby was eating a hamburger the other day and I could smell every single thing that was on the burger. This is for my health. I am feeling a lot better in SO many ways. When I go to sleep and wake up in the morning it will be day 10. The 10th day of not consuming any foods. Wow! A good friend started doing this before me and is on day 22 tomorrow. She's feeling wonderful. In fact, she is making some juices for me to sample at her house tomorrow. I am looking forward to it! She and I had a date to walk last night but she fell an hour before we were supposed to go. Thank God she didn't hurt herself. Just some bruising, nothing broken and her bad back is ok. I am hoping that tomorrow will be a good day. One can hope! I desperately need a miracle with finances. I keep praying and hoping for one. That's a huge stressor for me. My mother-in-law, that's a whole other story. I don't remember what I last blogged about regarding her. There are just too many icky things going on. But, I am getting healthier. Trying to get better blood sugar readings. I've had several good readings the past week, I'm thrilled with those! But, I am frustrated that my morning readings are around 155. I do not get that at all. But, I am working on it. Sometimes it's one second at a time, not even one minute at a time.
Just wanted to post. I've had major ups and major downs all week. I'm on a roller coaster for sure! But, I am (hopefully) headed in the right direction!
Oh! Check out or fat, sick, and nearly dead for more information about what I'm doing. I saw the movie on netflix instant watch.
Ms X


  1. I'm so glad it's going well for you! Keep up with your doctor, and keep up with what's working for you :D

  2. Thanks Amanda! Yes, I am looking forward to my son's "recheck" Tuesday so I can jump on their scale in front of them again. :)