Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ten years!!

Hi all! Ten years ago tonight I was in labor. Actually, now that I think about it...ten years ago it was the 29th of February. But, I was in labor for 23 1/2 hours with my son. I cannot believe he'll be 10 tomorrow!! He's my baby too. Hard to believe. Time goes by so quickly.

Today he and I went to the movies, he'd been wanting to see the Percy Jackson movie since he read the books. It was a great movie! Then, all three of my kids, my husband, and I went to dinner. We had a nice time. My husband's birthday was Thursday, he and I went out with our really good friends to dinner that night, it was a nice time also.

I won't go on a tangent on how get togethers often rotate around food. My son had an intense basketball game yesterday, for kids that age they sure do have some amazing games! I've noticed that every boy on that team has experienced growth in some way in the past couple of months, even the ones who really knew how to play have learned how to be better team players or have gotten even better skills. My son had a great attitude, which is all I've been trying to teach him. He didn't want to go to the game, as usual I talked to him about how important his attitude is. It was amazing how well he did!! Then, he came out of there saying he likes basketball now! (on the way there he said he hated it) I knew my persistence in trying to teach him to have a good attitude, to be a team player, and to stick with it would pay off! They only have a couple more games, but I feel really good.

All three of our kids have been facing challenges lately. They are handling the things they are going through very well. I'm proud of them. My oldest has been dealing with a lot of stuff at work, she's really put up with a lot of garbage from a group of people that have no business running a business at all. My middle child has been telling me things the "coach" of most of the sports teams at her school has been saying and doing, and just found out she didn't make the softball team. It's a long story, but, it really does look as if this lady has it out for her. I am amazed at what I see adults do! My son, well, I thank God every day that he has the most awesome teacher on the planet, I love that woman, she's the greatest. She is an example of what teachers should be like, she has truly made a difference in my son's life, and in the life of my family. He's just dealing with the challenges of growing up, thankfully, no major challenges at the moment. He did get in trouble for behavior the other day, but, the teacher thinks it really was a matter of him being excited. In this case, I agree.

The business is coming along well, we will be opening very soon. We're excited and busy! My mother-in-law is officially going to be living with us full time starting tomorrow afternoon. Also, I have a pain management appointment on the 8th finally. I started a few more meds and one of them is finally available today.

I have been frustrated, yet mildly amused, at my ailments lately. I keep remembering the doctor when he told me that all of my other aches and pains, such as the knees, etc, could be related to my back. In fact, he insisted they probably are. Considering that my aches and pains have been random lately, I'll guess he's right. So, the past few days, my right knee, and the surrounding areas, have hurt A LOT. I look like an idiot when I try to walk. My husband says it looks like I'm trying to take flight between steps because of the way I move my arms when I'm limping. Earlier I had the pain in my feet, the knee/leg pain, and the screaming sciatic pain in my left thigh. I realized, at that moment, that my back hasn't really hurt today. Score one for the back! I think. I am amused because it's always something lately! The fact that my back hurt so much I could barely move, then it was sciatic pain, then it was a combination. Then the knee, which spread out. If it didn't hurt, it'd be an exploration, an adventure...what will we find next?? With everything else going on, I missed the open house at weight watchers, so, I'll just have to be a "normal" sign up. Oh, I'm down again. I had gained 10 lbs, which didn't make sense, then I dropped it again...Thank God!! My mom says it's probably the diabetes meds, it's a side affect.

Well, I am hoping I sleep well tonight, my husband and I haven't been sleeping well lately at all. My mask for sleep apnea has it's own issues, so I spend a lot of time lying awake, paranoid I'll wake him. I have various reasons I'm awake. He also snores like crazy and scares me all night with jerky movements and stuff. So, I'm hoping we all get enough sleep! LOL

Can you believe it's going to be March tomorrow?????? Wow!

Ms X

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