Sunday, March 7, 2010

I said "mama" not "drama"!!

I really did say I want my mama!!! There has been so much going on this past week, it's almost a blur! Drinking myself to unconsciousness or trying "special" brownies has never been more appealing!

My mother-in-law moved in with us Monday, which was also my son's birthday, this was pre-planned, and was something I decided we needed to do for her. I knew it would be a huge adjustment for all of us, but would be the best thing for her, and would even be a good thing for us. That's a very long story, but, she needs to be in a less hostile environment, among other things. With her comes her dog, I am pretty sure we are running an animal shelter here. Without the smells but with the noise and chaos. Yes, that brings our count to 4 small dogs, and 4 cats.

So, my own mother got put in the hospital on Tuesday. She had a very rough week but was sent home today. She lives several states away, so, I wasn't able to go see her. On Wednesday, my mother-in-law lost a very close friend, the woman was really like another family member to everyone. Even though the friend had been in very poor health for several years, and had been in the hospital close to death for several days, my mother-in-law had not prepared herself at all for her death and was completely shocked when it happened. The friend also lives several states away. Obesity ultimately killed her, by the way.

My husband has been telling me for weeks that he wants to step down from his supervisor position at work because they are "head hunting" there. He has spent a lot of time fighting for others to keep their jobs and not get fired. There has been a lot of stress coming out of that job for him lately. Several people have been fired, etc. So, Wednesday he calls me and says "I either need to step down, or I'm getting fired". Well, gee...if you put it that way...So, he knew I didn't want him to step down because if he steps down, who is going to fight for him, and everyone else? If he steps down, the good things he brings to the environment, as a lead, won't be there. Not to mention, it's a hefty pay cut. Obviously, a hefty pay cut is a huge deal, but, it's not my only concern. So, I find out that night that he didn't step down after all. But, unfortunately, the next day he was put on...I can't think of the word...but, put out of work for 3 days over something he didn't do, something nobody actually did. Something ridiculous. So, now he is getting an attorney involved, etc. I have been mega stressed over this. This alone would be more than enough to stress me out. The rest of the household doesn't even know this is going on. I'm thinking someone may notice his lack of going to work on days he normally would!

So, then there is the issue of my children. I won't even get into it but I have had multiple issues with the three of them all week. I've wanted to just crawl into a hole, unfortunately, I am too fat to fit.

Though the center is coming along great, the dates they gave us for being done didn't happen. I'm thinking we'll be able to start setting it up soon, but, I would be shocked if we could open by April 1st. My best friend, and owner, is really feeling some stress lately. She's got a lot going on anyway, and now she is losing business too. People were told we'd open March 1st. Now it will be at least April, at best. Now there are a lot of people who may not sign up that were going to, not to mention, we won't have a pre-kindergarten class at all until fall now. There are a lot of things that will cost her a lot of money happening now.

I finally have my pain management appointment on Tuesday, though I am very nervous about going. I am actually nervous about the drive there more than anything. Well, if my husband really is off, I guess that will be an opportunity for him to go with me! I'll be glad when the appointment is over though.

I have a "to do" list a MILE long for tomorrow. I also have actual work to get done for my job. I also have to work in my classes. I could employ a full time staff of 10 24/7 to do the things I need to get done, and they would stay busy for months. Yet, here I blog. Oh well, it keeps me sane. I may be the only one who even reads it.

My sugar levels have been all over the place, based on how I feel, and the readings I've had since I found my missing testing kits. My pain hasn't been constant, now that I think about it. When I am still, sometimes I am pain free. Though I have random things that flare up. Thank GOD though! I don't have any sciatic pain or foot pain at the moment. I have been having bad foot pain lately, and sciatic pain much of the time. My right knee/leg has been the worst thing, if I move it it hurts a lot, but, I can sit still and not feel pain. Of course, I am highly medicated as I say all of this. I noticed today that I walk almost normal (for me) now. So, though it was hurting a lot earlier, my leg is doing better. My back is better too. Ugh...I moved my leg and now I can feel the sciatic pain. I can also feel the pain in my foot. Well, it's obviously doing better though. There was nothing that would ease any of the pain before.

For anyone that might actually still be following my blog, I thank you. For anyone that made it through this long winded, boring post...I thank you!!!

Ms X


  1. Yeouch! sounds like you've got more on your plate right now than any reasonable person would be comfortable with. Hopefully the pain management specialist will at least bring some relief in that particular area.

  2. Hope your pain management appointment goes well. I've found regular exercise a godsend. :)

  3. Thank you very much for still reading my blog, and for your comments! I really appreciate your support!!