Saturday, March 13, 2010

Time to spring forward

Hello! Lame title, huh? Everyone teases me that this is my least favorite day of the year, the day we turn our clocks forward and lose an hour. UGH. Looks like I'll be right here to see it change on my laptop. Wow, how exciting! LOL

I have been up late a lot lately, I need to do something about it. Earlier I was really wired, my husband asked how much caffeine I had had. Sadly, I hadn't had any. I have really questioned my own sanity the last couple of days anyway. Yesterday during the middle of the day I suddenly got really sad and was bawling. My husband asked me what was wrong and I didn't know. I kept telling him that there was really nothing that had set me off, I was literally just very sad. It went on for a couple of hours. A lot of the time the past few days I have been highly irritable too. I've had a lot of issues with my sugar being low the past few days and my husband seems to think that every time I'm a "raging psycho" it directly correlates to my sugar. Unfortunately, I don't think it necessarily does.

There are a lot of things to be happy about, a lot of things that make me smile, things to be excited about. I have some VERY good friends and family that are wonderful and care a lot about me. I am SO excited about my job and my co-workers. I know that I am blessed in MANY ways.

I have had a lot of things to deal with that are very stressful too. My mom just got out of the hospital this week for one thing, and found out this week that she needs cataract surgery on both eyes (unrelated to the hospital stay). She will get them done one at a time, starting later this month. My mother-in-law has moved in with us, there is a lot to deal with there. I get frustrated a lot by a lot of things, but, I always try to consider how it feels to be in her shoes. (Hey, I just watched my clock go from 1:59 to 3:00) Dealing with each of my children has its challenges. Though I am blessed and I love them all. There's just a whole lot of stuff going on. All the way around.

Oh, I lost 4 pounds. I weighed myself today, after breakfast and a ton of water actually, and I'm 4 pounds down from the day I went to the doctor's office. Cool. My back has been hurting a lot the past few days, though not half as bad as it was for those months. Walking around the store today was really hurting, lifting my leg to put it into my truck hurt. Etc. Plus, the issues with the foot pain. Sciatic pain in my thigh isn't so bad, the knee hurts off and on the past couple of days. So, I'll be sleeping in my chair when I do attempt to go to bed eventually. Hopefully that will help. Hubby works 1st shift in a couple of hours, then tomorrow starts back on 3rd shift again. Another adjustment! It's one of several to come, but, I think it will all be a good thing once we get going.

Just wanted to share. Now I'm going to reserve all the Carrie Underwood CDs I can at the library because I just discovered I like her. Did you know you can listen to all of her songs on her website? I love modern technology!! I also love the things I can do at my library! I watched the Hangover last night, got it from the library, I thought it was funny. Warning, many would NOT find it funny. LOL

Well, I hope everyone is well!

Ms X

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  1. Congratulations on your weight loss. I hope your back feels better soon. Sciatica is awful.