Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Survey says....

Hello! I had my appointment today. It seems like it was pointless. The doctor said I can get steroid injections in my spine, I can go do physical therapy, I can get into an exercise plan and see a nutritionist. Oh, and, I need an MRI. Really? So, basically, when my doctor's office made this appointment, nothing was entered into the computers at all. They don't even have a copy of my x-ray, or anything. I told everyone I saw there today that I was told I could sign something and they could have my x-ray's sent, and my records. They never did bring me anything to sign (as far as patient records went). So, I feel like nothing was learned and my time was wasted. To them, I'm just another morbidly obese person.

After that, my boss wanted my hubby and I to stop over. We were there for a few hours with her and my future co-workers. I had more problems moving around and feeling ok there than I did at the appointment! How irritating!! We talked about having our own little weight watchers thing at work. I'm WAY bigger than everyone else there combined, but, there are some there that are doing weight watchers.

As for physical therapy, I am going to see if there's somewhere close I can do it. I am also considering talking to my old trainer and seeing if he'll help me with my back, exercises. My husband says he's afraid of him and doesn't want to get near him, the man is insane. But, he genuinely cares. If I can convince him that this is not "The Biggest Loser" and that I don't even WATCH that show, and that he needs to take it EASY on me, maybe I can work with him. I mean, really, I worked with him and got under 400 before. Then my husband came back from sea and insisted we go workout together and take TURNS. Yes, seriously. I was MISERABLE. I told my hubby I NEVER wanted to work out with him again. I liked to go and WORKOUT the whole time, not stop after each thing and watch him do it. It's not like we were spotting each other on free weights. That was over 5 years ago. When we moved into our house, we discovered that the trainer lives up the street from us. LOL. I walked into a (work related) training one night a couple of years ago and he was standing in front of the room. I went "Oh God no" and all of the innocent (home childcare) providers were looking up at me innocently with the "whatever can you mean?" looks on their faces. Two hours later we had one girl that had passed out, and the rest of them were pleading with their eyes and looking at him like he was the devil. Our normal trainers had to ask him to let us stop so we could proceed with our normal training. The thing about it is, back then I was only limited by fat being in the way, otherwise I could do the things he asked of me, and I always did. He would push me and push me. I don't even think shows like "The Biggest Loser" were out yet. Now, I do run into him on occasion, the funniest thing is that he has (on more than one occasion) been behind me in line at the grocery store. He buys all of the healthy, vibrant organic foods. I have crap. Now, in my defense...I was buying for a houseful of adults and children, the sodas and chips weren't for me. LOL. Now, give me something chocolate, give me comfort foods, hearty meals...I'm on it!!! It always made me laugh to have him behind me in line. So, I'm about to call him. May God be with me.

Oh..before I go...I was reading about a 700 lb woman online today, wow, there are SO many horrible comments on these articles!! People are vicious!! Every time I read the comments on these, it disturbs me.

I hope everyone is well, and thanks for your support. :)

Ms X

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  1. Mean people suck. Screw them.

    That's the good thing about these blogs. When/if assholes say something mean you can delete it. Someone once said that wasn't fair...take the bad with the good. Screw them too. I live in a happy world!

    Pass the rose colored glasses please!