Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hi! I hope everyone is well. For those of you in the many states that have been covered in snow this winter, I am so sorry!! I am thinking by now, nobody thinks snow is very pretty anymore. I always say I'd like to see in at Christmas, and maybe play in it, then they can take it away. As unpredictable as the weather is here, at least I don't have to deal with snow, sleet, or ice. My kids have never had a snow day, though they've had hurricane days. Not this year though. I'm babbling.

I forgot to check and see what I talked about in my last blog. Well, the latest is that they finally found a place I can go to for pain management, they never could find a place for an mri, the first place they had for pain management ended up telling them they couldn't take me either. So, I have my initial consult on March 8th. My doctor also put me on 2 more meds for diabetes and high triglycerides, I haven't started them yet, I picked up one yesterday, the other they were out of. The sciatic pain has actually had its days where it's not constant and it's tolerable, yay!! Earlier today it was really bad, but, it's not ALWAYS bad anymore, that's a good thing! My back has been worse than it had been for a few weeks, but, it's not as bad as it was before the recliner. It's all really strange. Thank God nothing has been permanent other than the fact that a disk in my back is obviously messed up. I have not had any pain free days, but, I can't complain too much right now since everything has been worse than it is right now. I have had headaches from the time I wake up until I go to bed at night on several occasions, including yesterday. I'm not so sure what that is all about.

The weather has been great. The business is coming along very well. I'm very excited about that!! I had a bunch of stuff I thought about blogging about throughout the week but the meds are starting to kick in and make me groggy. Oh! I am going to start weight watchers soon. I am hoping to start next Saturday, they have been having open houses and I want to go to an open house and try to win something first. Is that super sad and pathetic of me??? I couldn't go yesterday because of the work meeting I was at for hours. So, that's the reason why I want to go on Saturday. I'm not even sure where I'll end up going and on which day. I have been trying to figure that out. They have a meeting at my doctor's office which is right down the street from where I'll be working every day starting in a couple weeks (when we open!!) It might be smart for me to make a point of going there, which is every Wednesday at 6. I'll figure it out soon.

:) Thanks to anyone who keeps up with my blog, I really appreciate it a lot!!! I know it's boring and I don't have witty, funny things to say. I swear, I really do have witty things to say at times!!!

Ms X

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