Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm still here

I'm still here. I think about my blog at times when I am not near a computer, they are also times when being on the computer blogging would not be wise. When I am in the shower, I always have profound thoughts. When I am driving, I have my best thoughts. Obviously, those are two times I really can't blog.

A lot has been going on, there have been several times where things happened I just couldn't blog about. But, all is good overall.

I have another class done. I was VERY irritated that I was .9 points away from an A. They actually give B+ at my college, but, come on! The sad thing is, turning in my work late is what lowered my points in the first place. Not all of my work, but, enough of it to get a B+. So, it was all my fault. But, the fact that I was SOOO close...that is what gets me! I am currently considering holding off my next class because we have so much going on with getting the business up and running, etc.

I've been making sure I get some form of exercise daily. I need to see my doctor and have a mile long to do list, but, I'm eventually going to make a huge dent in the list, I've been working on it. I need to organize and declutter, not just things, but, my issues! LOL

I have been learning more about myself and when I need to eat, I forget to eat when I'm busy. It causes problems. What happens is that I will suddenly get dizzy, shaky, etc. Even in my "normal" sized days I would have this problem. They could never figure out what was wrong with me before, my blood sugars and all other tests showed I was normal back then. It has been really bad lately because I am busy and no longer working from home and my habits have changed a lot. The more active I am, the sooner I get dizzy. Today I thought I'd have to pull off the road because when it hits me, it's often sudden. When I was a teen-ager and with my 2nd pregnancy at 25, I passed out fairly often, usually when I felt dizzy and shaky first. So, I now know that I HAVE to make sure I have plenty of things available to eat, and that I set an alarm on my phone or something to remember to eat something every couple of hours. I know it needs to be healthy choices and a balance in food groups. I've always thought that it is ironic that I will not want to eat at all when I'm busy and I get sick if I don't eat, so I end up having to make myself eat, even when I don't want to. Of all the times I consume everything that can't run faster than me, what irony that I have to force myself to eat the times I don't want to. I swear, I am one extreme or the other! So, that is one of the kinks that I need to work out.

I hope everyone is well, I will try to catch up on blogs. I swore I would relax and read tonight, or play a mindless game on the computer, but, I keep finding things to do first. :)
Ms X

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  1. I'm glad to see you're still here!! And don't worry about sporadic posting. Some of us are more prolific than others, and as long as you've got folks following you it's all good because we'll at least know when you're posting again :)