Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What is that??

Hello! I was sitting here minding my own business on the computer and kept feeling a hair moving around on my face. There were a few other times today I had felt it. I kept trying to move the hair and finally determined that the hair was growing OUT of my face. I immediately became determined to get the hair out of my face as quickly as possible. Of course, when there is a facial hair emergency...the tweezers run and hide. Once I had the tweezers I pulled out the 1/2" long hair and was even more disturbed to see that half of it was white. So, not only did I somehow manage to have a long hair growing out of my face that blew in the wind...I'm so old that it was part white! Now, my question is this, HOW did I miss the hair before? How is it that I get waxed, I pluck, I stare at my face...yet I will suddenly notice a long hair blowing in the wind? I had another spot on my face that every once in a while I'd have a flowing long hair coming out of it. Somehow, that hair would be even longer. I am so disturbed right now. How does this happen?? I had the same face yesterday..and the day before...I look at it, I wash it. It really is a mystery. On that note...I always had very thick hair on my head that grew like a weed. Ok....fine...I had/have hair in other places that grows a lot too. Like my face. Anyway...I pull out hair in clumps...daily. I am really beginning to freak out over this. My hair is no longer thick like it used to be. I have a lot of hair, and it's long. (though I would prefer to have a "butch" haircut) but it is much thinner than it used to be, much. It's kinda freaking me out...I thought about getting that shampoo that makes your hair grow in thicker but when I wash my hair it would just go down my back and make me have flowing thick back and butt hair. sigh.
I just wanted to share. :)
Ms X


  1. The facial hairs turning white are the biggest insult, I think. I do a daily inspection with light and touch, because although the mutant hairs used to be black (icky, but at least visible) those little buggers are now virtually invisible and let me tell you it is NOT FUN.

    There's one on my neck that makes me nuts. So yeah, I feel your pain LOL.

  2. OMG I'm laughing my ass off and I've only had one beer!

    I have a beard. Does that make you feel better?