Friday, July 15, 2011

It's been a while!

It's been a while! I've been contemplating getting rid of this blog completely. Then, I've also considered re-vamping it. My posts have been very gloomy and doomy and I'm not a gloomy doomy person. So. I'm still not sure what I'm doing! As for weight loss and health issues, those will be topics of interest to me for a VERY long time. They'll always be a topic, health is important. Even when I am eventually being hailed as a goddess on a tropical island, I will still be concerned about health. However, there is a lot more that I think about than that. I love my family, they are actually first in my life. I have a lot of people that are very important to me. I know that GOD should be first, and hasn't been. That's a whole other subject. I still love books. I graduate in December (if all goes well!) with my bachelor's in Psychology. I will be spending the next few months doing lots of math, statistics, etc. I have an interest in a lot of things such as gardening, crafts, etc. Not that I am currently doing any of those things. I LOVE cooking and baking. That includes healthy cooking and baking. I am interested in Raw stuff. I am interested in juicing. I am very well rounded in my cooking/baking interests. I follow a lot of blogs and have made many successful recipes from several of the blogs I follow.

What's been going on? I've been sick off and on. Hubby has been sick off and on and had a minor surgery. My oldest daughter's friend wrecked her car, so, she is without one again. Now my daughter doesn't live very close to us and doesn't have a car either. My younger two have become house hermits during the summer. They run screaming from sunlight. Ok, they're not that bad. At least the girl child isn't. My mother-in-law. How often have I mentioned her? She lives here. I could write a book about it. There just aren't enough words to describe the experience that is my mother-in-law. Work? Haven't done much of that this summer. I wanted the summer off to enjoy summer and enjoy my children. Also to get projects done. Wow..running out of time on all of that, aren't I? My weight has gone up and down 20 pounds for a while now. It's at the lower end but I am ready to go below that! I haven't been lower than where I am now in a LONG time.

Anyway!! Blah blah blah, right? I love all the witty funny blogs with lots of pictures and funny stories. I'm "anonymous" and a few people I know have access, nobody else that knows me does. So, I managed to make things complicated for my blog, huh? I initially was going to write what I was thinking and feeling but that isn't always the case anyway. It's not completely anonymous. I've been thinking of doing a different blog, one that I can let anyone see. But, what are the odds of THIS..two of my sisters have separately asked my opinion on what THEY should do for a blog this week. But of course! So, if I do do a blog that I share with people I know...the timing really sucks for that too. So, I could re-vamp this one and make it more fun, etc. I could check in every now and then and update, or, I could make another one completely. I know I have a few faithful followers, and I thank those of you who are, it means a lot to me! I'd love to know what everyone thinks. So, what does everyone think?
Ms X


  1. I say do what you think will work best, will give you joy, or give you a place to vent, whatever you need most :)

    Oh mothers-in-law... they terrify me. I haven't had good luck with them. And someday I'm going to be one, so I take notes on what not to do, LOL.

  2. I say always keep this one private. You need a place to be able to talk about the people that you're supposed to love, but piss you off! I have Twitter for that!

    I always laugh when I read what you write. I also always want a hit of whatever you're smoking!

    Do what makes you happy. If you want a public blog, fine. Just don't delete this one!

  3. Thank you Amanda and Debby. :)
    Debby, thanks, I needed that! LOL I was actually thinking about you earlier when my mother-in-law was ..well...being herself. I cannot believe her. She's almost 60 but acts 2. I'll just say 2 things about her today. One, she was so mad at hubby after she did something really stupid and he wouldn't talk to her, that she went and slammed her bedroom door. Then, she started this fast thing a week or so ago. Which, it's just a joke whenever she does anything like that. She talks a lot but doesn't stick with it. She was rummaging around for food and asked about what we were eating earlier. I said "Oh, you wouldn't want it, it has a lot of stuff you can't eat in it". She rummaged around more, said "I'm hungry" and then said "never mind" and stomped off to her room. I would have gladly given her some. It's the principal of it all. She goes all hard core on this "Daniel fast" thing and then eats ramen noodles and potato chips with her all veggie fast. Um. ok. When I asked her about that she said "God said I can". OMG. ReallY??? Darn it. I said only 2 things. Fine. LOL