Sunday, June 13, 2010

Good grief!!!

Hi everyone, how is everyone doing? It's been REALLY crazy here and I'm really hoping it doesn't get any crazier! My daughter graduated from high school Thursday, that's a good thing. My mom has been in the hospital over 3 weeks now. Not a good thing. She has had a lot of problems while there, she needs a lot of prayer. She has been off of the sedation for the past couple of days, but has an infection, has had pneumonia, her kidneys have failed, etc. Good news, the pacemaker they had her on isn't needed anymore! It's been a rough ride for her, I'm praying she gets better soon.

My brother and his wife had moved in with mom (moving from state to state and setting up residence) a couple of months ago, before she found out she needed the surgery. Mom's boyfriend has been kind of losing it for the past couple of years and sits around not contributing in any way other than being cranky all the time. Literally, no exaggeration. So, anyway, my brother's wife broke her ankle really bad about 2 weeks before mom's surgery. My mom's boyfriend only has one leg and a lot of medical problems and (now) mental problems. So, the night before surgery mom's boyfriend was treating her badly and being nasty, and my brother told him to lay off, etc. They had a big blow out, the night before her open heart surgery. So, mom and brother went to the hospital together in the morning and spent time together before her surgery. Since she's been there, even while unconscious she would react to her boyfrien being there, her blood pressure would go up, etc. Last week when she was more awake, she'd get upset and my brother would have to calm her down. Mom's boyfriend's family hasn't been there to help him, bring him to the hospital, bring him to his own appointments, or anything. My brother has had to do it all. So, last week my brother was drunk, I know he was because he was a jerk to me on the phone (though he apologized later). I'm sure he ran his mouth, I'm sure he was rude to mom's boyfriend. But, he kicked my brother and his sleeping wife (who cannot walk) out. Mom's boyfriend's daughter, who had called me a week before and said she didn't think her dad was stable anymore, was there to help kick my brother out, most of mom's boyfriend's family, who never supports him anyway, was there, along with the police. My brother and his wife left without any incident. (my niece came and got them). So, when mom is all better, and out....she will be done with her boyfriend. So, anyway, there's been a lot of stress and drama with my brother, etc. He and I have talked at least daily about mom, she is our main concern. We both just want her to be better and are both having a hard time dealing with it.

Ok, so, back here on the home front. I've been having issues with my best friend/boss. Many others at work have been too, she's not been her normal self. I know, you should never work with or for a friend, got it. Anyway, I agreed to be her assistant teacher while she teaches a class this summer. Class starts tomorrow. She and I butted heads Friday over something already. I knew it was a bad idea and knew I'd end up teaching it, this whole thing goes against our original agreement anyway. But, I figured I'd do my best and just do what I have to do and teach the class for 10 weeks. I told her to call me so I'd know what's going on and what we're doing, told her I'd come out today and work (though I had no desire to do it) So, she calls today and has broken her leg, badly. Really bad. She is in the hospital and in a lot of pain, even on the meds that are making her groggy. She has surgery tomorrow and will be in the hospital at least tomorrow night too. Her office administrator has one week left and there is nobody in place to train. Another teacher is leaving in 2 weeks and there is nobody in line for her spot either. It's a MESS!!!! My oldest daughter and I both work there, my younger daughter and son will be there for the summer program (at least at this point). We all have to get up VERY early tomorrow and try to do some damage control and make things work. Yes, I still have the chronic pain, etc. I even went out and got myself a nice crispy sun burn this weekend. This ought to be fun! But, that's what you do, no matter what. Step in and do whatever you can for your friends. I have another friend that just had a hysterectomy and is in bad health that has to start taking care of children again tomorrow because she can't afford not to, there is no way I can do anything to help her during the day either. I have mom up there I cannot be with, this sucks! But, in spite of it all, I'm in fairly good spirits. Thanks to anyone that read this whole rant, thanks even more for anyone who is praying!
Ms X


  1. Bless your heart. I'm definitely praying for all of you. On the plus side, that's good news about your mother's pacemaker *and* it's also good about the icky boyfriend going away. Some silver lining... :)

  2. Holy crap.

    If nothing else, all my problems seem minute now! Huge hugs for you right now my friend.

    Lots of prayers continuing to come.