Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Ok, this is a random rant. I hate bra manufacturers. I am very fat but have very small boobs. I finally broke down and ordered a size B cup in a 50 inch circumference. It swallows my boobs! It has underwire and padding, which had me all excited, but, it's HUGE. Really?? Last time I checked...a B cup is NOT that big!! Do they just not understand that concept? Also, in the pictures, the women had cleavage. Yes I thought...cleavage! Nope. The material, as usual, covers me up. But, it doesn't go up to my neck as half of them do. Most of my shirts are HUGE up top and sag so I have to wear a tank top under them. I try really hard to get clothing that fits properly, it's almost impossible, if not impossible. I have a big butt, big belly, and small boobs. I wanted a bra that would present the girls and make them feel sexy, well, my girls are disappointed again. They are destined to be swallowed up in fabric, swaddled like little twin babies. (one of them is bigger than the other, but, that's a whole other subject) Why can't I have a pretty, sexy, fitting bra with support, padding, and cleavage???? People who aren't fat get the bras that push up the girls, provide padding, and expose lots of skin. UGH! My husband even said he'd make me bras! That could be fun, but, it will cost a lot of money. We could make some cute ones though!! Ok, done ranting.
Ms X

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  1. Understand! I feel your pain. I did a bra rant last year myself! Great minds and all.....